NaturalShrimp, Inc. Attends One of Nation’s Prestigious Restaurant Tradeshows

DALLAS, TX, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NEWMEDIAWIRE — NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP) announced today that two video reports from the recent Texas Restaurant Association Tradeshow have been posted on YouTube and are available to view without cost.

Natural Shrimp, Inc. at the TRA Tradeshow, Houston, Part1, 7/14/2019

Natural Shrimp, Inc. at the TRA Tradeshow, Houston, Part 2, 7/14 & 15, 2019.

Corporate Executive Chef Douwe Iedema is featured in both videos as he explains that “any chef would dream to work with this product.”  He explains it is “good, clean, fresh and natural.  It’s very promising for next year.” 

Mr. Iedema has more than twenty years of demonstrated success directing the operations of large restaurants and large events. He trained as a Culinary Chef in the Netherlands and received his Master of Arts in Classic French Cuisine.

Mr. Iedema has stressed:  “No shrimp can be compared with ours. The word natural says it all. Our shrimp are sweet, buttery and clean. This is the way shrimp should taste. All white Pacific shrimp have a sweetness to them – ours a little more,” said Mr. Iedema.

In the videos, NaturalShrimp’s Chef explains how to cook the shrimp, which the Company brought to the exclusive, well attended show.  

This was the 83rd year for what is the largest foodservice show in the Southeast, noted as a powerful and dynamic marketing platform.  “We are pleased by our attendance and pleased by the reception we received and the people we meet,” said Gerald Easterling, NaturalShrimp President.

NATURAL SHRIMP, INC. is a publicly traded Aquaculture Company, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with production facilities located near San Antonio, Texas. The Company has developed the first commercially viable system for growing shrimp in enclosed, salt water systems, using patented technology to produce fresh, never frozen, naturally grown shrimp without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals. NaturalShrimp systems can be located anywhere in the world to produce gourmet-grade Pacific white shrimp.


Paul Knopick

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