Client Testimonials:

“Our clients have been very pleased with the Wall Street Analyzer interviews. These have been in-depth pieces with thoughtful and educated questions which have afforded our clients a platform to fully articulate their company story and competitive advantages to a wider investor audience.” 

-Scott Powell, President of investor relations agency Skyline Corporate Communications Group, LLC 

“What we like most about the was their service consistently brought Marifil Mines Ltd new viewers to our company.  The interviews are high quality, to the point, friendly and enlightening.  We have been using his services for over 4 years and will continue.”

-Hugh Oswald, CEO Marafil Mines

“I have been interviewed by The Wall Street Analyzer several times over the past number of years and always find his questions engaging and to the point. To that end I think it helps listeners and readers understand the companies he covers to a greater extent and allows them to make an educated decision regarding whether or not they wish to invest. Our company’s stock has seen remarkable performance over the past five years and I’m sure the interviews with WSA have helped along the way.”

-James Cohen, CEO of Gendis, Inc

Timely, Accurate and Relevant.”

-Dennis Calvert, CEO of BioLargo, Inc

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