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Q BioMed
CEO: Denis Corin



WSA:  Good day from Wall Street.  This is Juan Costello, Senior Analyst with the Wall Street Analyzer.  Joining us today is Denis Corin, the CEO of Q BioMed.  The company trades over-the-counter ticker symbol is QBIO.  Thanks for joining us today there Denis.

Denis Corin:  Good morning Juan and thanks for having me.

WSA:  Great, so starting off please give us a history and overview of the company?

Denis Corin: Sure, well Q Bio is a fairly recently formed biotech acceleration and development company.  We’re basically focused on acquiring companies assets and biomedical assets and we’re dedicated to providing those target companies and assets with the strategic resources, development support and expansion capital to help them achieve their goals and provide ultimate developmental potential for their products and services within the healthcare sector. Over the last 10, 12 years in the biotech space I’ve really seen a plethora of innovative young biotechnology private companies and assets–we really struggled to get access to the public market to the exposure that the public market brings with it and the capital that’s available in the public sector.

So we built Q BioMed around the vision of providing private companies access to public resources whether that’s capital and exposure for their product or technology and in reverse providing public investors funds and people that like to invest in public companies the opportunity to invest through the Q umbrella so to speak in these very innovative biotechnology assets and companies that are in the private sector where certain investors may not ever have seen them or heard about them or had the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of those companies.  So that’s where the vision for Q started.  That’s where we’ve built this public entity around and right now we’re just starting to show our assets and portfolio and pipeline base with some of those interesting and innovative biotechnology assets.

WSA: Great and can you talk about your recent news including the acquisition of Mannin Research?

Denis Corin: Sure, so we have a handful of those types of assets and private companies that we’ve been looking at and doing due diligence on for the last several months and Mannin Research we think is a very exciting technology that actually comes out of Dr. Susan Quaggin’s lab at the Northwestern University in Chicago.  So, that company Mannin Research had licensed in the technology from Dr. Quaggin’s Lab.  Susan is probably one of the world’s most renowned researchers and clinicians in this space.  She is the Chief of the Division of Nephrology and the Director of the Feinberg Cardiovascular Research Institute at Northwestern.

And she has discovered through her research a very unique pathway within the eye to correct and repair a drainage canal or a drainage system within the eye to reduce intraocular eye pressure, which as you and many of your listeners may know is one of the leading causes of blindness around the world.  Right now there around 60 million people suffering from glaucoma, which is the ultimate result of the intraocular eye pressure and there have been no new drugs developed in this space for probably the last 20 years.

So, this is a very exciting opportunity.  It’s a very broad market, huge market; there is a lot of interest in it.  There are a couple of companies developing drugs and molecules and therapeutics in this space, but not in our particular method of action or method of therapeutics and we see a massive interest in this. We’re very excited to have brought in and partnered with Mannin Research and we signed a Letter-Of-Intent this week and we’re currently working on a definitive agreement and documents, which we hope to announce in the next week or two and we think there is a huge market for this and we’re very pleased to be helping bring something like this to fruition.

WSA:  Sure, what are the market opportunities that you are looking at right now and what are some of the key trends that you are focused on in the sector?

Denis Corin:  Well as a sector on a whole I think biotechnology obviously has seen a tremendous resurgence or explosion in growth over the last four, five years and we hope to capitalize just on the massive interest in that sector.  I think it’s a fairly inelastic demand right now.  Healthcare is a growing concern as our population ages and these technologies and therapeutics are going to be more needed than ever.  So, I think the demand for products and services in the healthcare sector and in biotechnology is going to be ever increasing.

Pharmaceutical companies are relying more and more on private innovative biotechnology companies to come up with new drugs and new therapeutics that specifically In-License will buy as opposed to years ago when the pharma companies developed them themselves.  So, you know the biotechnology sector is exploding.  We hope to capitalize on that obviously by looking for these innovative therapeutics helping to develop them to evaluation inflexion point and then partner them up either pharma or you know grow those companies out as standalone companies on their own.

Just in the glaucoma space, which is the first of those assets that we brought on as I mentioned there are no new drugs for 20 odd years in this space.  So we’re excited to be part of experts in class new drugs, new technology to treat glaucoma.  There are a couple of other companies, some of them with some recent very promising news in glaucoma, with the huge market caps just sort of showing the interest in the space and the demand for new therapeutics in the space and the market stepped anyway from 200 to 700 million between those two companies that I’m thinking of and we think there is a huge opportunity there.  So this inelastic demand in the healthcare and biotech sector we’re seeking out and looking for new assets that we think we’ll be able to capitalize in that space and we’re bringing those to the public and giving them an opportunity to invest in these advancements.

WSA: What are some of the factors Denis that you make that you feel make Q BioMed unique from some of the other players in the sector?

Denis Corin: Well, I think the most unique thing about Q BioMed is that it’s providing access to investors, to some of these innovative technology; so right now most of the investing public has to look for a company or product to invest in.  If it’s in the public sector it’s usually a company, you know a biotech company that’s starting out with a particular focus in one area or one drug and they are investing in that public company and hoping that that one drug or one area of therapeutic is going to develop and they are relying on the milestones for sort of one egg in the basket so to speak.  And that’s going to be a long and arduous process as these technologies make their way through the regulatory processes with the FDA etcetera and it’s a fairly arduous process, time consuming and you’re kind of stuck waiting for those developments to happen within that company and relying on news flow from one sector to help generate the liquidity for that investment that you’ve made.

On the other side if investors are interested in these types of companies and they are not public they are investing in private biotechnology companies where their investments is essentially locked in, maybe not the best way to describe it, but it’s essentially dead money until that product has reached the major evaluation inflexion point or the company goes public on it’s own or gets four or five pharma companies that can be a very long timeline when it comes to biotech.  So, I think what we’ve provided here is a very unique opportunity for investors to be invested in a public company that gives them some liquidity, the option to exit at various times and to have multiple short term goals.

So the goals here for us is to have multiple assets in very different multiple therapeutic areas that will have the constant flow evaluation inflexion points in each of those areas.  So and you are not just sitting waiting for one product to get through phase one, phase two, phase three you have multiple assets and multiple areas, some of them maybe in diagnostics, some of them maybe medical devices, some of them maybe drugs and now all have evaluation inflexion points along the way.  So, your investor gets to mitigate the risk significantly by having, multiple short term goals within the portfolio products that we are going to be invested or that will fall under the Q BioMed umbrella and along with multiple short terms goals there will be consistent news flow and consistent activity and the ability for them to participate in the growth of all of those companies and god forbid if one of them fail, there is still a couple of others in the pipeline that are doing well or have the opportunity to succeed

WSA:  Great and what are some of the key goals and milestones that you’re hoping to accomplish over the course of the next year?

Denis Corin: Well, you know we’re just getting started.  We’re tremendously excited about the handful of assets that we’ve already begun due diligence on.  So we think we’re going to be building a very significant pipeline of valuable assets to bring to the Q umbrella, under the Q umbrella.  The Mannin acquisition and the In-License is the first of those and we’re tremendously excited to be working with a tremendous team there, a very experienced team with Dr. Quaggin and her research facility and lab and that’s just the first of a handful that we expect to be able to bring under the Q umbrella over the next 12 months.

So we hope people will stay interested and keep up to date and find for updates on our websites and follow our news as we bring additional assets into the pipeline along with some of the other corporate developments that we expect to be bringing forward here in the next few weeks.  So I think it’s going to be a busy year and we’re hoping to deliver a handful of very exciting technologies to the investing public.

WSA:  And perhaps you could walk us through your background and experience Denis and talk about some of the recent additions to the management team?

Denis Corin:  Sure, well we thought of it as a fairly small team.  Myself, I’ve been in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector for a dozen years or more from large pharmaceutical diagnostics companies and biotech.  The majority of that time has been spent specifically in this sort of small cap biotech sector working in the oncology sector and there trying to develop strategic relationships and essentially raising the capital required for the company I was working with to develop those assets. Those assets are now very well funded and into their phase do clinical trials and I think that company has a tremendous future ahead of us; but in that process over the last 13 years I’ve seen a number of these very innovative technologies that are sort of languishing or dying in the barn because they just don’t have access to the public markets and that’s where I sort of saw this opportunity to bridge that gap and put the Q BioMed team together.

So, along with me Bill Rosenstadt is our General and Corporate Securities Counsel.  He is the Director of the company as well.  So was the Founding Member of a tremendous law firm in New York.  He is very pleased to be working with them, he has got many, many years of legal and business experience not only in biotech, but in also perspectives and together we put a tremendous role of excess of opinion leaders and people that’ve been helping us out along the way.  And Ari Jatwes is our sort of Senior Corporate Advisor and Analyst.  Ari is seen in the biotech sector as a banker and analyst for many years now.  He has raised a tremendous amount of capital for biotech companies.  He is great at due diligence, he sees a tremendous amount of deal flow in the healthcare space and has access to a lot of these technologies that we’re looking at.  People are actually actively seeking out and look for his advice and his ability to help them capitalize and develop their businesses.

So, we’ve put a great core team.  We’ve got a number of sort of non-listed advisors and people that we lean on that are very well respected leaders in biotechnology and pharmaceutical development.  We’ll have an announcement out shortly about joining some strategic partners that we’re going to be engaging with that has additional expertise and scientific advisors that are some of the key opinion leaders in their respective areas of expertise.  And we look forward to adding those innovative through our list of management and advisors and then of course as we go along each of the management teams that come with other companies that we license in from will become part of the Q Scientific Advisory Board like Dr. Quaggin for example and George Nikopoulos the CEO of Mannin as well.  So we’ll grow that team of experts as we go along.

WSA: Great and what are some of the key value drivers that you wish investors better understood about the company?

Denis Corin:  Well as we’re new we’re really looking to get sort of the eyes and ears of the investing public and investors in general just to take note of what we’re doing.  From a value driver standpoint I think we’re shaping up to deliver a significant amount of value to our shareholders.  There is massive market cap everyday being dished out and buildup the companies with very little in terms of technology under their belt; but we are anxious to deliver a very significant technology with groundbreaking therapeutics that we think are going to provide a very valuable pipeline to our shareholders and our company and as we go and announce these acquisitions and start to develop these assets I think we’ll see a significant evaluation shift and growth.  So we’re just starting out, we’ve got a small market cap, we’ve got a very limited share count and share float.  So, I think an opportunity here this really is a ground floor opportunity to get involved in the biotech sector in an area that we think has got so many years of explosive growth ahead of it.

WSA:  Great, so once again joining us today is Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed Inc.  The company trades over-the-counter ticker symbol QBIO trading at $216 a share, market cap is around $23 and before we conclude here Denis to recap some of your key points.  Why do believe investors should consider the company as a good investment opportunity today?

Denis Corin:  Well, I just think that the biotech sector as a whole is extremely robust, it’s very exciting, there is some tremendous developments coming out of the sector as a whole and I think the demand for these types of drugs and therapeutics is as I said earlier inelastic and we’re hoping to deliver some of those very well needed and much needed therapies through the market.  So I would encourage investors just to take a look at what we’re doing, take a look at the pipeline we’re building.  The first one here is in the glaucoma space.  Our nearest two competitors in that space have got market cap $250 to $750 million and that’s kind of the range that we hope to get to based on bringing a product just to fruition and that’s not the only product.  We’re going to have a handful of assets in different therapeutic areas all maturing and providing value drivers at different times.  So we’ll mitigate investors’ risk and give them the opportunity to participate in the growth and development of some very exciting therapeutics and biotechnology assets as they grow.  So, I think it’s just the starting point for us right here and investors have the opportunity to come along for the ride with us.

WSA:  Well, we certainly look forward to continue to track the company’s growth and report on your upcoming progress and we would like to thank you for taking the time to join us today Denise and update our investor audience on Q BioMed.  It was great to have you on.

Denis Corin:  Thanks Juan, I appreciate and I will talk to you again.

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