Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC: GSPI)

Interview with Joseph LaStella, President/Chairman and Kristy Hunt, Operations Manager


WSA:  Good day from Wall Street, this is Juan Costello, Senior Analyst with the Wall Street Analyzer. Joining us today is Joseph LaStella, President and Chairman for Green Star Products Incorporated. The company trades over-the-counter GSPI. Thanks for joining us today there, Joe. 

Joseph LaStella:  Thanks for having me. 

WSA: So please start off by providing us with an intro and overview there of the company. 

Joseph LaStella:  Okay, GSPI, it’s been around for quite a few years. It’s a high-tech company. We’ve been involved in algae production. In 2006, we operated the largest biodiesel plant in the United States, Western Mississippi. We’ve been very successful in the technology end of the business. And our latest endeavor has to do with COVID-19, a product that is called Viro Spectrum Shield. I really like to talk a little bit about that product and then get on to the company itself…Okay, just to give the audience a background. I mean, just a few days ago in the UK they discovered a new strain the COVID-19 virus the mutation that’s 70% more contagious than the one we have in the United States now. This Viro Spectrum Shield has a long history. People ask us how can a small company compete with the large pharmaceutical companies and they fight against the COVID-19, that question is very valid. So let me address that. I myself have involved in all kinds of high-technology, I’m a research scientist and I’ve been giving this Viro Spectrum Shield to people for over 35 years with the seasonal flu. That means that in 35 years every single strain of the seasonal flu its been effective against it. 

Now, I don’t sell it. I never sold it. I gave it away all those years. Expect in 2009, a new virus came out of Mexico called the swine flu virus. That virus was very different than anything else before it because that particular virus only attacked healthy people. I mean, most people don’t even remember the 2009 virus, it was very dangerous. It didn’t attack the old people, it only attacked healthy people. And when I saw that, that was very similar to the same virus that was in 1918. And a colleague of mine which I was doing business with him at that time, we were doing some business in the algae business, I found out that he was one of the 10 top experts in viral diseases in the United States. And I spoke to him about what I’ve been giving people for almost 30 years at that time, 25 years. And he worked for and I’m going to repeat this very clearly, United States federally accredited lab, top credibility. And we put together a test program with private funding the test two of my antiviral formulas against not one, bu three different viruses. We wanted to prove that my formulas were effective against a broad-spectrum viruses across and we did it. We tested against the H1N1 at that time, which is the same type of strains as of COVID-19 today. We tested against the H2N3, H3N2, A virus and B virus. Those have to do with other contagious viruses between animals and human beings, very dangerous also. 

Well, in 2009, we already proved that we were totally effective and nontoxic, that’s very important nontoxic against all three viruses. And no one can make that claim, nobody tested their seasonal flu viruses against all different types of viruses. By 2010, that seasonal virus went away. Nobody was interested in funding us anymore and it stayed in the archives for 11 years. Now, nobody paid attention to that 2009 virus. But it actually killed about well over 0.5 million people around the world and 60 million people in the United States got it. And nobody even remembers it. And of course it stayed there, I’m a research scientist, I was doing other things until January last year we finally decided that we had this unusual new virus called the COVID-19. Juan, I want to tell you that that virus was in the United States long before we decided that it was here in January. Because in October of 2018, I’m pretty good, I’ve been studying viruses for years. I’ve seen 11 cases in Montana with very unusual types of I would say symptoms that was never seen before. All of a sudden, I’m seeing red eyes that would – something else we have never seen before, it was not pink eye, they said it was a pink eye, they didn’t know what it was. People were losing a sense of taste and smell and they had all kinds of symptoms. 

And that’s when I called up my colleague who now works for a big university as a professor and he agreed with me that the symptoms we were seeing in October we have never seen before way before anyone even looked at it in January of that year and they said it came from China. So we went back. I went back to the same US federally accredited lab and told them about the work we did in 2009 and they didn’t even remember it. So they went and took it out of their archives and quite frankly they were shocked at what they saw. It was their work and we already had it successfully tested against three different viruses, they pushed us to the front of the line to test this against the COVID-19 in May last year we were proven 99.9% effective against the COVID-19 virus in vitro and nontoxic. Since May, we tried to get that evident to everyone. Washington, you name it, every staff in Washington, Fox News, all right, Bill O’Reilly just everybody and nobody paid attention to us. And we decided all right, that we would produce the product ourselves and sell it. Everything we said on our website is absolutely true and this is not me talking, this is a federally accredited lab. 

In the meantime, in January of 2020 people were getting very sick. We had all of our people who volunteered to take this is a natural substance all right, this is a natural herb and natural plants, you take it by mouth, you take a couple of capsules, it’s not a vaccine, it’s not something that is going to invade your DNA and RNA like the new vaccines are and they’re perfectly safe. We only treated people after they got the virus, that’s very important because you get a vaccine and then you catch it, what do you do then? See what’s going on in LA right now. People are going to the hospitals and they’re sent home. They can’t do nothing for them. But a few of those people have volunteered to take our stuff and within 24 to 48 hours every single one of them all right was better again. No one went to the hospitals, no one died and we’ve done it for almost 11 months now with no problems. The new virus and the new vaccines they have now, they’re giving them to healthy people and seeing if they’re catching it. Now, you can take it the other time as a preventative, that’s true, it’ll work all right, but nobody had anything that you take after you catch it. 

So that’s pretty much I’d like to say about the Viro Spectrum Shield material. You can get all the details if you look at VSS like Viro Spectrum Shield MC like Montana and you can read all about it and decide for yourself. Now about the company itself I’m talking about GSPI they’ve acquired the exclusive rights to three countries in South America. Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Those three companies combined have almost 300 million people in them about the size of the United States. And those countries have no facilities whatsoever to take care of the COVID-19 patients, it’s an absolute disaster there. Green Star Products through its history has many connections there, we are already delivering products and we’re already getting testimonials back from Brazil. So pretty much we are handling 300 million people who have very poor healthcare systems, will probably be the last to get the vaccines and probably wouldn’t take them anyhow because the word is going back for many of the people in Brazil that they don’t trust the government and they won’t take the vaccine. That is what GSPI is doing right now. Juan, I’ll take any questions you like. I gave you I think a broad-spectrum background of who we are and what we’re doing. 

WSA:  Yes, so can you bring us up to speed on some of the most recent news there that you just signed a distribution contract for your COVID-19 platform.

Joseph LaStella: That’s right. We’ve signed a distribution contract with a company called Biotech Research. They are the ones that are selling manufacturing the product, it’s being sold over several websites. We’re putting up a website in Spanish itself right now and we will put one up in Portuguese, so we can address the people in the three companies that we have distribution rights for, which I just explained. This press release tells a little bit about the product. The title reads that we are 99.9% effective against the COVID-19 virus. But actually invitrol the federal lab stated that they couldn’t detect any live virus at the end of the test period, which means that it could be 100% effective but you can’t say that so we say 99.9%. Certainly, that’s been proven in the human population with the volunteers. Every single one of them recovered from all those nasty symptoms almost immediately. Let me give you an example. There was a couple both in their 50s, both of them had tested positive for the virus. The wife decided to take Viro Spectrum Shield and the husband says, I don’t believe it, I’m not taking it. 

Well, let’s fast forward that little situation just four days. She was free of all the symptoms, healthy as can be. He was in the hospital in the ER unit going on the next 15 to 20 days three times and suffering from the virus. That’s what we’re seeing, that’s real, I say field experience from real people. So you have to make decision for yourself even if you get the vaccine, you still might catch it. And then what you’re going to do? You got to come to us, that’s what you got to do because we’re the only game in town. And I would suspect that GSPI will expand to other countries as soon as we build our internal system to handle more than 300 million people, which we now are looking to distribute the Viro Spectrum Shield in the next several months. Certainly, we’ll have seven figures worth of product in South America hopefully over the next 90 days. 

Possible Vaccine complications

WSA:  So, yeah, I was just going to ask you about the key goals and milestones that you’re looking at here over the first half of 2021?

Joseph LaStella:  Well, GSPI will certainly be expanding in South America, that’s for sure. The Viro Spectrum Shield will be continued to be investigated by the federally accredited lab. We are considered a dietary supplement right now but certainly we would like to upgrade that so that the CDC recognizes us and we’re going through all those testing including animal testing as we speak so that we can be recognized as a pharmaceutical that can be given to doctors to give to their patients. So that’s the dilemma we’re in. We’re considered a dietary supplement and as such we can distribute in the United States. It’s a safe product and I think that next year I think the virus is going to spread. It’s a virus that wants to mutate. We don’t even know how many mutations we have now. We have certainly more than 10 mutations and it can become very dangerous. Like I said, the 1918 virus and the 2009 virus only hits healthy young people. Believe it or not, you can go look it up on the Internet the 2009 virus did not hit people over 65 almost that old. They’re almost immune. The young people got it and people say, why would that happen because young people have strong immune systems. 

And that type of virus triggered the auto immune response in their systems and their own immune system attacked them, that’s exactly what happened, go read about it. So if we think that our young people are immune, they’re wrong. This thing is mutating and if it gets even close to what we had in 2009 and it will, we will have a young population very sick, very soon and you might notice that if you read some of the latest material that’s been put out by credible organizations that more young people very young people are getting it at a much, much higher rate. In fact, the statistics say it has increased from 2% to 12% just in a few months. So you need to be careful. I know the young guys and a lot of young people say, let me go out and catch it so I can have antibodies, those antibodies may be no good against a new mutation. And I’m not saying that Viro Spectrum Shield will protect them either. But so far all the evidence over 35 years including all the evidence by the accredited federal lab indicates that we are a broad spectral antiviral and it has those type of capabilities against every virus. And people say, well, how do they do that. It does not allow the virus to connect to your cells. It blocks it. It’s like a blocking mechanism and that’s why it has these capabilities to block a lot of different viruses. So far we have not encountered one virus that we can’t block that’s what you have to face. 

So I expect a very difficult year ahead. I hope my predictions are wrong but they’re not. This thing is going to mutate with everything it can because that’s what it wants to do. And one last word that I’m going to say it today. Bird flu virus, the bird flu virus has a kill rate of 50%. If that virus should ever mutate with this airborne virus and we don’t even know how it’s being contagious between people, the results from that would be catastrophic for the entire world. Take a look at the kill rate of the bird flu virus and it’s very close in China the two different counties whatever they call them there, they’re right next to each other. One has COVID-19 and the other one has bird flu all right, which even very recently they’ve had minor outbreaks. That means right next-door to each other, the two viruses live and they could get together catastrophic for the entire world. Listen Juan, I have my Operations Manager here, Kristy Hunt. She like to say a little word before we get off the air. 

Kristy Hunt:  Hi, Juan. This is Kristy. I just sent you an email with some information you wanted. But what I wanted to say was that Biotech Research is basically the vehicle to get this out to everybody and that’s what we need. I mean, Green Star Products is going to pull everything up. Biotech Research builds all of this stuff, puts it together, It’s Joe’s baby, that’s where all the research is going on. But they don’t have the ability to get this out and that’s where Green Star jumps in. We have the operations here to go ahead and pull everything out, get everything delivered. We’re working on the marketing, speaking to people, putting out the information. So Green Star is really the vehicle to do all the things that Biotech is putting together. Biotech is spending the money. They’re doing the research. They’ve been in with this particular accredited federal lab for the longest amount of time. And when I looked at this in the beginning, I didn’t believe any of it to be perfectly honest. But after looking at all of the research, listening to the researcher and all over the world these guys are getting together sharing information. It’s so clear that there is so much garbage out there. 

The only marketing options anybody have are the same that all of the snake oil guys have and everything else and nobody has the money for the marketing that catches people’s attention like the big pharma corporations who stand to make millions off of this. They’re fighting anything that has the problems. So we’re hearing through different channels that people are being affected  by anaphylactic shock from the vaccines. I did a research recently that’s on the Green Star Product’s website right now and the blog that shows that anybody who wasn’t healthy wasn’t even in the test group for that vaccine. So we don’t know how autoimmune disorders are going to react to this. We don’t know how diabetes is going to react to this vaccine. That’s Phase IV and it says in their group in their 128 page document that I’ve linked to on there that those people aren’t tested until it’s already marketed and out. So the guinea pigs right now are the people without all of these other health issues. They have no idea how they’re going to be affected and they have the money to cover it up. They have the money to advertise and make sure everybody knows about their product. But the little guy, the one who is spending all their money right now to do the research on this natural item that’s really doing something it’s almost impossible for us to get out quickly like they do. 

But we are, we’re getting orders every day, we’re getting shipment sent out, we’re helping people, we’re getting all of these testimonials like crazy and it’s almost, it’s the hugest effort to try and get it out. But we have everything in place through Green Star to get the distribution out. Every order we have is going out every day right when it’s made. We’re having absolutely no problem for filling the orders with our products ready to go to create more bottles and more items, we’re having no problem with that either. So our operations process is ready to go. It’s working perfectly and just want to throw that out there so people know that everything is going to get moving and is moving on time. We’re not going to have any backups, everything is in place. So there you go. Okay, this is going everywhere. GSPI is a vehicle for VSS to get out and while the statement originally is for the three countries, I mean, the truth of the matter is I mean, it’s covering everything that was just the main marketing at the time because we had these countries actually reached out to us and said we don’t know what to do because we had people already in that area that we’re dealing with them, so that’s where we started. 

But honestly, nobody else is going to put this out with Green Star to be perfectly honest, there is nobody else to do it. Biotech Research can’t do all of this, so it’s a partnership I mean, when it comes right down to it, there is nobody else that’s going to distribute this with us. And with further research and everything that’s coming I mean, right now we can’t compete with the money that pharma is putting out, but we are reaching out and everybody is seeing it. And the more that this comes out and the more that people share what’s happening and the more research we have that we can claim more and more things officially through Biotech, Green Star is the only way that that’s going to get distributed. So they’re going to make money in that respect and they need it. They need to put more in there so that we can distribute more that’s just the way it goes. 

WSA:  Well, we certainly look forward to continue to track the company’s growth and report on the upcoming progress. 

Kristy Hunt:  Yeah, And I welcome anybody who wants to go ahead and go to the There is a blog there every evening, we’re putting out more of the research, more of the things that we’re seeing online, more of the things that are going to really boost what’s happening with us and how we can help. So I would keep that in mind. Also is where people can go and go ahead and order their own and also see more information about the products there. So everything is being updated daily and we’re getting a lot of response already. But we’re ready to handle whatever is coming through. 

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