Tamino Minerals (OTC: TINO)

Interview with Pedro Villagran Garcia, CEO and President


WSA:  Good day from Wall Street, this is Juan Costello, Senior Analyst with the Wall Street Analyzer.  Joining us today is Pedro Villagran Garcia.  He is the CEO and President for Tamino Minerals, the company trades over-the-counter, TINO.  Thanks for joining us, Pedro.

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Oh sir, good morning.  Yes, definitely.  How are you today?

WSA:  Yeah, good afternoon.  So please start off by providing us there with the intro of the company for some of our listeners here that are new to your story.

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Oh definitely, yes.  Yeah, good afternoon.  You certainly got that right.  We’re a mining company, exploration specifically.  We’re in the exploration stage.  We do have several mining claims.  We’re exploring for gold basically.  Practically, I’ve been in the mining industry for several years and my expertise is basically looking for gold, that would be my, you could say, my most valuable and most applauded ability and other than that, minerals, has been quite successful in accumulating some very valuable projects within the country of Mexico, specifically in the northern state of Sonora, which is the number one gold producer.  And our main goal right now is to actually proceed with the exploration.

Having said that, the most important thing is that we must entertain this opportunity and bring it into the eyes of the investors in Wall Street.  So this is why we reached out.  Gold right now is actually in a very good moment, having a new President that will support other countries that normally buy a lot of gold will help the price of gold for sure.  So we’re very, very aware of that and we’re very happy with that too so that we can continue to explore in a country that is right next to the United States of America and basically this state which basically borders Arizona, where the geology is practically the same as in Arizona and Nevada and basically that’s what we do.

WSA:  Yeah.  So can you talk about some of your most recent news including an update at the Sonora property as you had some recent updates there?

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Yeah, we need to raise some money right now to complete that drilling program, and yes, we have several properties.  It’s not just one property, we have several.  And the idea is obviously to go to the market and start to work on this and get going with our programs which we have very good geologists, very experienced geologists.  And that’s exactly what we’re working on this particular moment.

WSA:  Oh, yeah.  What are some of the factors that you feel make Tamino and your properties and your position there, unique from some of the other players in the sector?

Pedro Villagran Garcia: Well.  That area happens to have several important mining companies.  We have Agnico Eagle very close by.  They own  Santa Gertrudis, they recently purchased it from GoGold for a price around 100 million dollars.  GoGold right now is exploring in Jalisco which is further south but good number of stocks that are listed in Canada and in the US are doing business in Mexico and they’re doing quite well to be honest.  So the most important aspect is that what we need to do is we have to get the attention of those investors that have shares in those particular companies and we talk about, for example, GoGold, Agnico Eagle, Argonaut Gold is also our neighbor, Tamino properties.  Newmont Gold, Gold Corp and Fresnillo, that is just another neighbor that we have on another one of our properties.

So Premier Gold, Yamana Gold was there, but they actually mined a total of around 1.2 million ounces of gold long ago.  So those are the kind of things that at this particular moment, we’re very, very fond of and very happy with.  Alamos Gold is also in the area, Minera Alamos.  Sierra Metals is also in Mexico.  So there’s a series of companies, now that you bring this up which is a very good comment on your behalf.  We think that we could do much better in the very near future once we attract some of those dollars into our company and making sure that we can [go] out and deliver for the investors by drilling some holes and getting hitting some paydirt.

WSA:  Yeah.  So in terms of the first half of 2021, what are the main goals and milestones that you’re hoping to accomplish there?

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Yeah, we have several very important aspects that we’re working on, and one of them is that we are trying to — most important thing is we’re trying to put together is a good drill program that we’ll need to mobilize our drilling equipment along with a caterpillar, and also build the roads and be able to move the drill equipment and then punch some holes, and we think we are planning to go to 100 to 200 meters in the initial phase.  So that would be, you could say, an initial 2,000 to 5,000 meter drill program that will be our most important activity.  But before that, you need to do some IP geophysics, get the results, publish them.

And then some soil surface sampling, get the results and study them along with the IP geophysics and then just like that, you get your drill target.  So, yeah, for six months that would be our initial task because we have workings in the underground, it would be much easier to spot where to point the drill holes at.  So we do have gold, so we know, so we’re going to hit something interesting down below.  In summarizing, that will be the most important six months activity.  They are 200 day, basically summarizing our 200 day of the list of activities, those would be the most important one, also setting up camp, making sure that we have a good location within the property where our exploration team, our geologists, our geo technicians will be able to basically get things moving and going in the right direction.  Yeah, that’s where we are.

WSA:  So, yeah, you mentioned the property as far as road access.  What sort of access do you have to roads and what’s the relationship there with the government?

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Well, when you say road access, you have to enter into an agreement like an ease of way which basically allows you to go in for a certain period of time, it could be two years before you do an agreement to acquire piece of land, if it’s a ranch or if it’s some kind of [Indiscernible] [00:08:43] as they call them, but in this case we don’t have [Indiscernible] [00:08:46] we just have private property.  So we’re going to be dealing with the ranchers, the local people there and you sign up an agreement, an ease of way and then that’s the way we do it.

WSA:  Yeah certainly, and perhaps you can talk about your background and experience Pedro and who the key management is for the company?

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Oh, definitely, definitely.  Mexico has a history of 500 years of mining, so that has attracted some of the most talented geologists in the world.  So to say basically, it’s important to state that because if you mentioned that, then that means that all sorts of companies from England, from Spain, from France, obviously now from Canada because it was 500 years ago and as you probably are aware, some countries weren’t even a country 500 years ago here in America.  So basically we’ve had several companies from overseas and nowadays all the American and Canadian companies are basically taking advantage of the fact that there is a school for mining.

And we have several schools and what that can tell you, we have some of the best geologists because some of them went to those schools located in Mexico and also in the US and Canada.  So having the three countries putting together a good academic record, everybody is definitely going to be on side with this particular.  So, yes, we have geologists that have worked substantial amount of work in various mining companies and well, gold is where you find it and they know how to find, have a good eye, they have good training.  They know the terrain and basically if it’s a vein system and it’s a disseminated gold and if it’s a Carlin-style deposit, all this important things that as of today have been basically been brought to our attention because we have so many people in the area looking for gold.  So that’s basically, in summary, our team is comprised by a very good number of geologists.

WSA:  Great, yeah, so once again, we are speaking with Pedro Villagran Garcia, CEO and President for Tamino Minerals which trades over-the-counter, TINO.  Current market cap is about seven million US.  So, yeah, before we conclude here Pedro, why do you believe investors should consider the company as a good investment opportunity here today?

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  As mentioned, one very important factor, a lot of people haven’t lost trust in gold at this particular moment.  We’re in the middle of the pandemic and the good thing is the vaccine itself but that doesn’t mean that everything’s going to start to move up and just like that.  We still have to find some safe havens and gold is one and gold stocks in Mexico is basically a sector to put your money in. Particularly during the market correct.  So that’s why I think we shouldn’t be stressing out, expressing to our investors and inviting them to join us and hopefully together we can build a good project which will eventually become a mine if the studies, basically agree with us in putting together a project that I think is what’s important at this moment.

WSA:  Well, we certainly look forward to continuing to track the company’s growth and report on your upcoming progress and we’d like to thank you for taking the time to join us today and provide an update and introduction of the company here to our investor audience.

Pedro Villagran Garcia:  Definitely, definitely Juan, I greatly appreciate your assistance and we look forward to having a good conversation in the very near future regarding our success.

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