Kratos Announces Recent Contracts and Updates Investors on Key Business Segments


The Wall Street Analyst recently conducted an interview with Kratos Defense and Security Solutions’ CEO Eric DeMarco to discuss the companies’ recent contracts in the unmanned aerial system area and their cyber security business, which was awarded a very large contract with the Department of Homeland Security. DeMarco provides an update on the companies fiscal year results in which their critical infrastructure security business grew 14% organically. He also talks about the companies’ goals for the next year which includes their unmanned aerial system program which could provide 50 to 100 million a year in annual revenue in future years. In addition, DeMarco says the company is planning on refinancing their debt which would significantly increase the company’s free cash flow, $15 to $20 million a year.

He discusses some of the other key reasons why Kratos represents a good investment opportunity, “National Security is here to stay.  Russia is rearming and remilitarizing and look at what’s going on in Crimea right now; China is increasing their defense budget double digits and they are getting much more aggressive in the South China Sea and that entire area; Iran is focused on nuclear weapons; North Korea is pursuing nuclear weapons and missile systems.”




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