Vitro Diagnostics Continues to Harness the Power of Stem Cells

Vitro Diagnostic’s CEO Dr. James Musick took time to update WSA’s investor audience on the company’s recent proposed Merger with Neuromics.  The merger will expand the company’ offerings and complement their existing Stem Cell-based products.  Dr Musick discusses Vitro’s patents and the purchase of a new instrument that will allow them to develop a platform of live cell analysis needed to provide products and services for drug, discovery and development.  He also discusses the company’s latest product offering, “We recently added cancer-associated fibroblasts or CAFs to our catalog.  These are cells associated with malignant tumors and they support proliferation of the tumor cells and also metastasis of cancer, so these cells are becoming a new target for cancer research.”

Dr. Musick also talks about other trends in the sector and specific factors that make Vitro unique, “So with the established revenue from research products together with prospective revenues from patent licenses, products and services for drug discovery together with new products in regenerative medicine, our diversified revenue strategy is emerging.  We believe this approach provides distinction from our competitors and furthermore, none of the immediate targets require extensive, time-consuming and expensive regulatory approvals prior to market introduction.”

In addition, he covers his background and experience as well as key management. Dr. Musick also lays out the company’s upcoming goals, “We have various issued and pending patents and we’re expanding our intellectual property as we go forward. One of our goals is to patent particular stem cells lines, as we have done in the past.  This supports our FTO and competitive advantages of our products.  We are particularly interested in technology/cell lines that enable expanded differentiation capacity of adult stem cells.”

Overall, Dr. Musick believes the companies’ products will offer a solution for existing medical conditions including Osteoporosis, “Osteoporosis is a wide-spread, chronic disease that affects about 50% of all postmenopausal women throughout the world.  Osteoporosis also affects significant numbers of older men and will expand as the population ages…There are numerous side-effects of current drugs and many of these will be coming off-patent in the near future.  So we see several opportunities for us to provide products & services to support development of novel osteoporosis drugs that actually grow bone instead of block the reabsorption of bone, which is what most of the existing drugs do.”


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