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Juan Costello:  Good day from Wall Street, this is Juan Costello with the Wall Street Analyst.  Joining us today is Charlie Mollo, the CEO of Beamz Interactive.  The company trades on the OTCQB and the ticker symbol is BZIC.  Thanks for joining us today Charlie.

Charlie Mollo:  It’s a pleasure, thank you, Ron.

Juan Costello:  Great.  Now starting off give us a brief history and overview of the company, for some of our listeners that maybe new to the story?

Charlie Mollo:  Sure, Beamz has developed a very exciting laser controller technology that has brought applicability in many different markets including music, gaming, special needs, education and a whole variety of different areas.  We have taken the initial product program that we focused our technology on in the interactive music space and we previously launched our second generation of this technology, which allows anybody to be able to play and create music just by interrupting laser beams with their hands.  It’s a lot of fun, a great platform for anyone if you don’t know anything about music or have very limited skills, but it’s very deep so you can also really enjoy it and get into it if you are a professional DJ or artist and do some very fancy things.  We are about to launch our third generation of this technology and we are excited to get that in the marketplace this next quarter.

Juan Costello:  Well, good, and can you talk about some of the strategic initiatives that you announced earlier in the month?

Charlie Mollo:  Yes, you bet. The major near-term focus that we have in terms of major additional strategic initiatives is launching this third generation of product that I mentioned.  The exciting part about the new product is, it’s going to include the ability to operate the Beamz from your iOS device, so an iPhone or iPad.  It will also work on a computer, a macro PC computer and Windows 8.  Not only will you be able to operate it on that, we will have a new free app that comes with it so you can enjoy the product just on your iPhone or your iPad or whatever mobile device we are compatible with and that you have.  The really exciting part in addition to the fact that the product takes us to a whole new level this year is we have partnered with a great top 100 Billboard artist, Flo Rida and Flo has got behind this product in a big way.  We signed up licensing, an endorsement deal with Flo, by the way if you don’t know his background as much, he has 600 million video views on YouTube, 14 million Facebook fans; so very, very well known, very great music and great artist and he loves the Beamz and is behind us and we are launching with a series of videos and commercials with Flo that we have just prepared over the last couple of weeks and we will be getting into the marketplace over the next few months.  So we think this will take us to a whole new level between the product and Flo’s involvement with us and are really looking forward to telling the world about this.

Juan Costello:  Well, good. What are some of the trends you are seeing right now in the sector and how are you positioned with your technology to capitalize on it?

Charlie Mollo:  Well, we see as a trend towards electronic music continuing and being a really ongoing trend for the future.  The Beamz fits right into that, we also see trends towards more folks that really are on the aspiring DJ and home entertainment side and again Beamz fits right into that.  We allow, we have a partnership part of our strategic initiatives with virtual DJ where we have created a combination of their software and the Beamz that allows anyone to be able to DJ right out of the box, which gives you all different types of opportunities in the electronic music space, so the trend towards more interactive music, more electronic music fits right in with where we are headed, those additional initiatives with virtual DJ and with Flo will allow us to really provide some very unique things in the marketplace.

Juan Costello:  Good. As far as investors and the financial community you are concerned–As you recently hired a new IR firm to get the message out to them–what do you wish investors better understood about the company?

Charlie Mollo:  Well, Beamz really has a fundamental technology, it’s well protected, we have five issued patents, 11 filed, extensive software and music licensing rights, so we have carved out a turf in this interactive music space that we really feel is very well protected.  We have several major markets, we are pursuing in the near term.  The first is the mass consumer market, which is what I have been talking about a lot today and that is clearly a multibillion-dollar marketplace if you look at companies like the Guitar Hero product line and so forth.  We believe we, we will have more capability to do many more things beyond what they did and they were able to achieve a multibillion dollar status.  We also have a major opportunity in this home and professional DJ marketplace and third market we didn’t talk about much is in the special needs education, senior care and medical markets where we have a broad range of product capabilities that are really well suited to those particular areas with 10 million special needs folks in the US alone and tens of millions of seniors and DJ’s this is also a multibillion dollar market.  So we believe we have multiple large markets to address.  We have a very experienced management team that’s done this before.  We have a very solid financial model.  We have great product margins as well as ongoing razorblade high margins for the additional content that we sell.  And we have the support of a major top art, top tier artist in the form of Flo Rida to really help us get the word out and let the world know we exist.  So we think we are on the road doing some great things and are looking forward to an exciting latter part of this year and 2014.

Juan Costello:  Well, it sounds great.  And once again joining us today Charlie Mollo, the CEO of Beamz Interactive trading on the OTCQB, ticker symbol BZIC, currently trading at 65 cents a share.  Just to sum up real briefly Charlie, why should investors consider your stock today?

Charlie Mollo:  We think we are on the front end of a very exciting opportunity; we have a long- term goal of achieving at least a 100 million in sales with an excellent financial model as I mentioned.  This is a pivotal time for us, we spent the last several years getting the product in the market and the technology getting a lot of experience with it, we have about 10,000 units in the field so we know what we have is now proven and we are really at the pivotal point with all of the things I mentioned today to really turbocharge the company into the future, so this is the time that I think investors have a great opportunity to get in on the front end.

Juan Costello:  Well, we look forward to continue to track the growth and reporting on your ongoing progress.  Always good to have you on Charlie; thanks for taking the time to update our investors on Beamz.

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