Potash Ridge Discusses their Competitive Advantages

NY, NY—(6/04/2013) – The Wall Street Analyst conducted an interview with Guy Bentinck CEO Potash Ridge to update investors on the companies Blawn Mountain project in Utah on which they’ve begun doing pilot scale testing.  He adds that the project is unique because it is a surface mine, has good infrastructure, and is state-owned which gives them an advantage in the permitting process.  The main goal on the project will be a feasibility study and air monitoring work on the project.  Potash Ridge hope sto have a bankable feasibility study and receive all their permits by 2014.  Mr. Bentinck also discusses recent trends in the Potash sector as well as background of the key management.



For More Information Contact: 


Potash Ridge Corporation

Sasha Radenovic

Manager of Investor Relations

416.362.8640 ext. 101


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