Give A Little, Get A lot.

The  “12-21-12 Apocalypse” is behind us and with it many fears of the end of the world have dissipated.  However, many investors remain in an anxious state waiting for what “might happen.”  The lingering recession can in part be blamed on our own collective sub-conscious.  This mental recession which is holding us back from making that extra purchase or taking that long over due vacation for fear of what lies ahead is hindering the economy.    We have a constant fear that if we break the bank we won’t be able to replace the money in the future. Why should we invest in the shaky economy when our own farm needs a new plow?  As we have ushered in the age of Aquarius, many of us have a positive new zest for life all because life as we know it remained the same and the world didn’t tilt on it’s axis.  We are celebrating what we already had, yet our actions haven’t caught up to our thoughts.  I say it’s time to stop worrying about every last cent and start doing our part to put money back in the economy.  I’m not saying to go all Carpe Diem, but to have faith that if you put your money out there, then it will come back to you.  Apply this philosophy to other parts of your life and you will see that the old adage of “give a little, get a lot” will come to fruition.

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