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Lomiko Metals
CEO and President: A. Paul Gill




WSA: Good day from Wall Street.  This is Juan Costello, senior analyst with the Wall Street Analyzer.  Joining us today is Paul Gill, the CEO of Lomiko Metals.  The company trades on the TSX Venture, ticker symbol is LMR, and now on the OTCQX, ticker symbol LMRMF.  Thanks for joining us today Paul.

Paul Gill: Good day, Juan.

WSA:  Great, now starting off, talk to us about the recent investment in Graphene 3D?

Paul Gill: Yeah.  Lomiko has taken a really solid step into Graphene.  What we have done is initially formed a company with our partner, Graphene Labs, in November of 2013.  We put some seed capital in, formed Graphene 3D Lab, which is working and developing Graphene printers and Graphene filament for specific markets that they are targeting.  And early in April, I believe it was, they got interested in a company that was wanting to take them to the public stage, and now that transaction has started, and Lomiko will own 20% approximately of another company that trades on the – will be trading on the TSX Venture.

This will be a good valuation add for Lomiko and it is one of our strategies going forward, getting our foothold into the technology space specifically with Graphene’s potential and 3-D printing’s potential.

WSA:  Right, yeah in terms of that process can you talk a little bit, you know, about how that is going to be done as far as the polymers?

Paul Gill: Well, I can’t talk very specifically about it.  First of all, I’m not a scientist.  And second, there is a patented process that Graphene 3D Lab is centering their IP around.  But essentially what we are doing here is taking a normal plastic filament that has only certain qualities and we only create inanimate objects or objects that are not functioning in any capacity in mechanical or electronic.  And then create electrically conductive and electronic devices using the Graphene material, which is highly conductive.

WSA:  Well, great and so yeah as far as the graphite side of the business, can you bring us up to speed on the recent product placement, which will bring the Quatre Milles project from late stage exploration to the economic assessment phase?

Paul Gill: Yeah, we raised 5.5 million in the Canadian markets in March of 2014 just a few months ago, and we are now setting up to start exploration in Quebec.  We have brought a group that has worked with us in previous exploration.  That particular property, the Quatre Milles graphite property, has had 23 historicals, and then in our exploration stage one, we did another 23 holes.  We found an area that is very amenable to open pitting and near surface and high-grade.  Also it has large flakes, and extra large flake components to it, which makes it that much more valuable in the market later on.  So we think we have a good prospect there.  We have the money to develop it, and we will get it to resource within the 2014, 2015 window.

WSA:  Excellent, and talk about the significance of now trading on the OTCQX?

Paul Gill: The OTCQX gives us under the symbol LMRMF the ability to go and market to investors in the United States, where we have already started that process making introductions and putting out information in the United States.  We think it is a market that is 10 times the size of Canada.  It is very lucrative for us to be there.

We know that people in that market are very oriented towards new technologies, new opportunities, such as 3D printing and Graphene, and we think we will have something that we will really want to get involved in.  As we develop, we will initiate further and further forays into that space, and we think that we have got a really winning combination with being able to present a company that trades very actively and at – there is a small – there is a small difference between the bid and ask and the one that has a real future potential.

So what we want to accomplish is to identify key groups and individuals in the United States that are at the forefront of thinking around these particular topics, and bring them in as partners and shareholders of Lomiko.

WSA:  Certainly, and so what are some of the factors that you feel make Lomiko unique and able to capitalize on some of the key trends that you have been seeing both on the Graphene and Graphite space?

Paul Gill: Yeah, number one, Lomiko is fully financed right now to get all of what it wants to accomplish both on the technology and the – and the metal side.  Number two, we have unique relationships with groups like Graphene Labs, which have a wide open market in the Graphene field, and we have developed technology with that group that is probably only being done by Samsung, General Electric, and large companies.  So the investor doesn’t have an opportunity to participate other than with Lomiko in this space, and you know, having – having the involvement of groups within 3-D printing that want to see that develop into more additive manufacturing and something that can be done on a wide scale, we have got the key ingredients to go out there and make a real good opportunity into a really good win.

WSA:  Certainly, and what are some of the goals and milestones that you are hoping to accomplish over the next year?

Paul Gill: Well, one of the key things that will happen in the short term is Graphene 3D Lab will be confirmed for trading in the next little while.  That will mean that our 18% to 20% stake in that company will be able to be put onto our books at a valuation of $0.25.  Those shares are valued at $0.00025 right now.  So that will make a big difference.

In addition to that, we will start our second research project with Stony Brook University, and our Graphene super capacitor and that will – that will develop some great news flow. Third, we will have more developments on exploration from our property in Quebec and probably define a value there.  So, there is – all of these things are going to add to the valuation arguments with Lomiko within the next year.

I think that means that we are in a great spot right now and introducing our company to investors at this point in time is going to make a big difference for us and for the shareholders because right now we are trading under the financing price that we raised, 5.5 million.  We’re trading around $0.065 right now and with market closed on the financing 11,13 [cents per share].

WSA:  Great, and so when it comes to investors and the financial community Paul, do you believe that the Lomiko story and your message on the upside are completely understood and appreciated by them and if not, what do you wish investors better understand about the company?

Paul Gill: Yeah, we are not well understood right now because primarily the technology people look at us as a mining play.  The mining people look at us as a technology play.  It is a little bit tough for them to get their head around the fact that we are both.  We want to have that vertical integration.  We want to go right from the ground to the product on the shelf.

If that can be accomplished, we would save a lot of money in the middle and 3-D manufacturing – 3-D printing allows us to do that.  So – and the materials itself Graphene is not well understood.   This is a new material.  It is going to be the new plastic.  It is 200 times stronger than steel.  It is flexible and ultimately it can be stretched over an acre.  It is conductive both electronically and thermally.  So it is a good insulator and an even better conductor, and it is transparent.  So you have all these wonderful properties and materials, and that has to get out to the public.

Once they understand that this company has cutting-edge technology.  It has money in the bank to complete all of its tasks, and it is going to have set deliverables over the next year.  I think people will start to understand this is a unique opportunity in the markets at this point in time.

WSA:  Well, good, and so once again joining us today is Paul Gill, the CEO of Lomiko Metals, which trades on TSX Venture, ticker symbol LMR, as well as now on the OTCQX, LMRMF.  And before we conclude here Paul to recap some of your key points, why do you believe investors should consider the company as a good investment opportunity today?

Paul Gill: Well financed, unique, patent pending technologies, unique graphite property that will be able to be compared to significant ones in the market today, and a very attractive share price that will allow investors to get in that mark.

WSA:  Well, we certainly look forward to continuing to track the company’s growth and as always reporting your upcoming progress, and we like to thank you for taking the time to join us today Paul, and update our investor audience on LMR.  It is always good to have you on.

Paul Gill: Thanks for having me on, and have a great day everyone.



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