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West Mountain Capital Corp
CEO and Pres: Paul Antle


Juan Costello:  Good day from Wall Street.  This is Juan Costello with the Wall Street Analyst and joining us today is Paul Antle the CEO and President of West Mountain Corporation.  The company trades on the TSX venture and their ticker symbol is WMT.  Thanks for joining us today Paul.

Paul Antle:  That’s my pleasure Juan.

Juan Costello:  Great, good to have you on and starting off give us a brief history and overview of the company for some of our listeners that are new to your story.

Paul Antle:  Well, West Mountain Capital is as just said listed on the venture exchange in Canada and our focus is in the environmental space.  So, we’re really expert in the remediation of contaminated properties and we use a proprietary technology to achieve the results that we get.  We’ve worked all over the world and but our focus today in the current market is China.

Juan Costello:  Certainly and so yeah in terms of that talk about the recent revenue for this space separation and China.

Paul Antle:  Well, when we switched our focus to the Chinese market the North American market for our technology and for what we do is very mature.  So, we needed to look outside North American border for the next big opportunity and we choose China.  So, for the last couple of years we have been working through some very strategic relationships and opportunities in China.  We have secured contracts in China and we have joined ventures in China.  We are do have a strategic relationship and an agreement with the government of – an agency of the government of China and we went into commercial production in China in the 4th quarter, late in the 4th quarter of 2012.  So, we are generating revenue over there now and we are on a very large contaminated site in the middle of Guangzhou, China together with our partner and, you know, our first quarter result obviously won’t be released until some time in March or April, sorry sometime in April and May.

Juan Costello:  Great.  And so you operate through your 100% owned subsidiary which is Phase Separation Solutions which has the thermal phase technology.  Can you explain to us what that does?

Paul Antle:  Yeah.  The thermal phase separation technology is, it is a thermal technology.  So, we are heating the soil but we heat the soil indirectly.  There is no combustion, there is no flame that touches the soil, we just gently heat the soil to the boiling point of the contaminants that are in the soil, volatilize those contaminants in a gas and collect that gas and re-condense it and back into liquid form.  So, we really just boil off the contaminants from the soil and then the soil exists our system and is in and there is really no contaminant life.  So, we’ve done many projects around the world and China we’ve done a number of demonstrations for the ministry of environmental protection in China to prove what it is we claim on our technology and this clean technology is one of the first been certified in China for the space.

Juan Costello:  Excellent and what are some of the trends right now in the sector and what makes the company uniquely position to capitalize on them?

Paul Antle:  Well, I mean uniquely positioned we are the first really international company in China with a presence on the ground doing this type of work with this type of technology.  We do have competitors around the world who I’m sure will show up, you know, in the near future.  But right now for us we do have the strategic relationships, the contracts and the venture partners that allow us to really attack this market very quickly now that were underground with people and generating revenue.

So, the market is very large, it’s you know probably a thousand time size the size of what we would have seen in Canada in the United States.  It’s just it will take life times to get through all of the projects that are there and all the opportunities.  And we are just looking for our piece of the pie, so we’re first in, we’re cutting new cloth and there are many more to come hearing this I’m sure.  But for right now the opportunity is enormous.

Juan Costello: Certainly and perhaps you could walk us through your background and experience Paul, and talk a little bit about the management team.

Paul Antle:  Yeah.  My background is the green chemistry, masters in chemical engineering and graduated from Harvard Business School.  And been in this space and in this business for over 25 years dealing with a lot of clean technologies, commercializing technologies all aspects of the hazardous waste business and remediation area.  My management team the majority of them have been with me since 1994 so we’ve been together as a team working in different parts of the world with different technologies including the thermal phase separation technology.  So, I’m pretty accustomed wit each other in what we do.  We also have an advisor ex US Congressmen who has really taking from the financial sector but has taken quite an interest in the environmental arena and he is been helping us as well from an eminent prospective and financing opportunities.  So, we have a really well experienced, credible, politically savvy management team who are certainly well positioned to make this company grow.

Juan Costello: And what are some of the goals and milestones there that you in the team are hoping to accomplish here with the course of the next year?

Paul Antle: Well, this – we just announced few days ago that we’re doing a small private placement for our public company, just for general cooperate purposes, it’s small, it’s you know, the dilute of effect on our current shareholders will be small.  And we are engaged with a corporate finance investment banker in China to help us raise a significant amount of capital in China for investment in our company there, our operating company.  And the purpose of the funds really is to build up our fleet of soil treatment, you know, to increase our capacity so that, you know, by 2015, you know, we have, you know, roughly 450,000 tons of treatment capacity on an annual basis which is significant in the scope of the North American context but in the scope of the Chinese context it’s still quite modest.  So, our current goals are to secure that financing between now and the next four or five months so that we can proceed with our business plan over there in China.

Juan Costello:  Good and as far as investors in the financial committee are concern as you’re recently named to the top 50 TSX venture companies due and you’ll be attending the PDAC conference.  Do you believe that the WMT story in your message are completely understood and appreciate by them and if not what you wish investors better understood about the company?

Paul Antle:  Well, there is always room for more education and more information for investors.  Any opportunity that we have to get in front of our current shareholders or a potential investors we take those opportunity seriously and as many as we can fit into our schedules.  The story is a great story, it’s an environmentally friendly play, it’s in a huge market with a lot of potential with proven technology and a proven management team.  And, you know, I think investors now we have done a lot of the heavy lifting when it comes to penetration of the Chinese market and taken a lot of the risk out of our business plan compare to where we were say two years ago.  So, now is really the ground floor for investors to get into really see their investment multiply quickly and to really get that multiple that we expect in this industry.

Juan Castello: Well good and once so again joining us today is Paul Antle the CEO and president of West Mountain Capital Corp.  The company trades on the TSX venture, ticker symbol is WMT, currently trading at 32 cents a share.  And before we conclude here Paul to briefly recap some of your key points, why do you believe investor should consider the company as a good investment opportunity today?

Paul Antle: Well, because one great management team to great proven technology that’s already been commercialized and used in many other countries around the world and three were right at the beginning of and a very explosive market as the first movers in China, So all of that plays in very well to having happy shareholders and happy investors.

Juan Costello: Well, we certainly look forward to continue and attract the companies growth and report on your upcoming progress and we like to thank you for taking the time to join us today Paul and update our investor audience on WMT and it always good to have you on.

Paul Antle:  It’s my pleasure Juan.  Thank you very much.






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